1. 56 Y/O Woman with Kyphosis

    KYPHOSIS PATIENT DELIGHTED WITH SURGERY RESULTS, AFTER YEARS OF SUFFERING PATIENT HISTORY The patient, a lady in her 50s, came to our office having suffered for many years with back pain and a major curve (when viewed from the side) in the mid portion of her spine. She was very unhappy with her appe…Read More

  2. Kyphosis with Neurogenic Tumors

    Patient History: 19-year-old male with severe back pain. The patient had noted a significant roundness of his mid back. He experienced pain within the apex of the round portion of his back. Both his parents felt the hump was enlarging. Dr. Rahman found neurogenic tumors on his preoperative workup. A…Read More

  3. Fracture above Fusion A.K.A Proximal Junctional Kyphosis

    Patient History: 68-year-old woman presented with severe back pain and enlarging hump on her back. She was experiencing occasional shortness of breath night and found it difficult to sleep on her back. She had a history of scoliosis which she was aware of. She noticed worsening of her shoulder balan…Read More

  4. Scheuermann’s Kyphosis

    Patient History: 14-year-old male with back pain and substantial spinal deformity causing a hump back appearance. Serial x-rays revealed a progressively worsening deformity. Surgery: Patient underwent T3-L4 kyphosis correction, spinal fusion and instrumentation with 3 chevron-shaped bone cuts (Ponte…Read More