Houston Scoliosis & Spine Institute specializes in spinal care and treatment for adults and children. As Houston’s leading scoliosis and spine surgeon, Dr. Ra’Kerry Rahman’s extensive surgical expertise and medical education sets Houston Scoliosis & Spine Institute apart. Our holistic approach to healthcare focuses beyond your spinal condition, alone. We take into account the health of the whole patient. Dr. Rahman and our staff are dedicated to providing our patients in the Houston, Texas-area and worldwide, the best possible care through compassionate and cutting-edge treatment options.

Dedicated Attention

When you request an appointment with our spine surgeon, you can have peace of mind knowing that Dr. Rahman and his staff will dedicate their full attention to you during your appointment. You are never “just another patient.” We care about you and strive to provide the best treatment for your specific case.

Patients We Serve

We serve patients in the Houston, Texas-area and beyond. Due to Dr. Rahman’s education, surgical acumen, dedication to his patients, and cutting-edge treatments, he is a highly sought after spine surgeon. Dr. Rahman and his staff serve both children and adults suffering from a variety of spinal conditions.

Effective Treatments

Dr. Rahman and his staff are dedicated to providing the best, most effective treatments for their patients. Not only does the Houston Scoliosis and Spine Institute have cutting-edge technology, but through continued research, we are able to provide the most effective treatment options.

We’re Invested In You

When you make an appointment at Houston Scoliosis and Spine Institute, you can count on knowing that we are invested in you. We do all in our power to provide the treatments that can alleviate back pain and correct spinal conditions.