When a spine surgeon inserts special screws and hooks into the spine, he is usually working only a few millimeters from the spinal cord, and from vital blood vessels. Perfect accuracy is essential! Surgeons like Dr. Rahman are incredibly accurate when implanting these devices. However, such procedures can be lengthy and, because special x-rays may be taken during a procedure to ensure accuracy, patients can be exposed to more radiation than is optimal.

Today, some leading surgeons are using robotic technology to ensure that implants are placed 100% accurately, in less time and with less radiation exposure. Dr. Rahman is at the forefront of using this technology.

The phrase “robotic technology” may create in your mind an image of a walking, talking, metal robot doing your surgery. Be assured, that is far from accurate! Instead, “robotic technology” in spine surgery uses very clever computers and tools to maneuver instruments into exactly the right location in the spine to guarantee accurate insertion. The surgeon controls the technology, and always double checks accuracy. However, the addition of the robotic technology enhances accuracy, speeds up the process, and reduces radiation exposure.

Dr. Rahman does not use robotic technology in all of his surgical cases. But, if your surgery would be helped by using robotic technology, then you can be sure that Dr. Rahman will use it to ensure the best possible outcome!