These days, it’s hard to watch a news program, or read a newspaper or a magazine, without hearing about a new and improved medical technology. The field of spine surgery is no different from the rest of medicine, and it has experienced incredible technological advances in recent years. Today, Dr. Rahman uses some of the latest technologies available in spine surgery, to help ensure the best possible surgical outcome for each of his patients. Dr. Rahman is also involved with research to design and develop the next generation of medical technology breakthroughs.

The links on the left of this page go to articles addressing some of today’s most advanced surgical techniques and technologies:

  • Surgical robotics: Read how robotic technology is being used in the operating room to further enhance patient safety.
  • Image guidance: Learn how highly sophisticated computer technology provides surgeons with images inside their patient during surgery, even without incisions!
  • MISS: Minimally invasive spine surgery. Spine surgery used to require large, painful incisions. Today, many spine surgeries can be performed through small incisions (the size of a thumb nail), helping patients to experience less pain and to recover more quickly.