What is Platelet Lysate?

Platelet lysate (PL) is similar to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which some medical professionals might call PRP’s “cousin.” PRP uses the body’s own growth factors to promote healing through isolating platelets within the body’s blood plasma. When damage occurs to the body, platelets help the blood to clot. As they are performing this task, they also tell the other cells what needs to happen next to heal the injury. The growth factors in the platelets help to speed up the damage, acting, essentially, like espresso shots for the cells at work repairing the damage. 

PRP is a concentration of these platelets that can be injected into a patient’s body. Because the platelets are taken from the patient’s own blood, these cells can easily help to heal issues that may be causing back pain. PRP has made many advances in the last several years offering more concentrated PRP, called Super Concentrated Platelets (SCP) and eliminating inflammatory elements that may have caused adverse effects in patients. Platelet lysate is one of those advances providing even better treatment options. 

Platelet Lysate: Taking PRP to the Next Level

The effects of PRP are like a time-release pill: the effects of PRP take a week to fully take effect. However, PL offers immediate effects. What’s more, PL is very anti-inflammatory allowing it to be used easily around nerves. PL, in the past, has been used in conjunction with stem cell therapy, as well. 

PL offers one more way for patients to experience healing and to find relief from back pain. PL is not only minimally invasive offering fewer risk factors, but also uses the body’s own powerful means of healing. 

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