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Herniated Disc

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What is a Herniated Disc?

  • A disc that is strained or injured can become herniated
  • Also called a slipped, bulged, or ruptured disc
  • Caused when a fragment of the disc nucleus is pushed out of the annulus into the spinal canal
  • Can also be a result of disc degeneration


Do I Need Back Surgery For a Ruptured Disc?

A ruptured disc can be experienced by anyone. However, as we age we are often at a greater risk for a ruptured disc. Though an injury such as this can be a serious condition, it doesn’t always require surgery. If you think you may have slipped, ruptured, or are experiencing a bulging disc, it is best to seek medical attention right away. A doctor will be able to evaluate your condition and will refer you to a specialist if the need for surgery is requiring evaulation.

In some cases, surgery is necessary and offers the opportunity for the best outcome. However, there are other less invasive procedures that may also provide healing and pain relief. Knowing which is the right treatment plan requires seeking expertise in both areas of spine specialty. Less invasive procedures typically have less associated risk and require less recovery time. To find out which is right for you, contact the back surgeons and spine specialists of Houston Scoliosis and Spine Institute. Our back pain specialists are some of the most expertly trained and sought after in the country, and can help you find the treatment that will best fit your needs. Schedule a virtual spinal consultation with us today!

Is Surgery My Only Option?

Surgery for a ruptured disc is common, but for some patients, it may not always be necessary. Regenerative medicine can provide targeted healing and pain relief without surgery. These non-invasive procedures include: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection therapy, platelet lysate, and MSC injections. Through the use of non-invasive procedures, some patients have been able to become pain-free within six months. Though each patient’s treatment plan is different, often regenerative medicine can provide a decrease in recovery time and a reduced risk of infection.

Learn more regenerative medicine, and schedule a virtual consultation today!

Find Healing & Pain Relief: How to Choose Your Treatment

If you’ve become injured or you have been dealing with the effects of a herniated disc, you are probably ready to find a way to make the pain stop and regain your quality of life. Thankfully, Houston Scoliosis and Spine Institute is here to help. Our back surgeons and back pain specialists are some of the best among the most extensively trained and highly educated orthopedic experts in Houston. Our team of specialists can provide you with compassionate and effective care to help you have the best chance of recovery.

Houston Scoliosis and Spine Institute & Dr. Rahman

Dr. Ra’Kerry Rahman and his team of surgeons and medical professionals can help you find treatment options that can help relieve the pain and find healing. In addition to offering conventional open procedures for even complex cases, we also offer minimally-invasive procedures, as well as regenerative, non-invasive treatment options. Because we specialize in the full-spectrum of care, you will be able to trust that you are receiving the best treatment plan for your best outcome from experts who can fulfill all aspects of care, whether surgery is the best course of treatment, or regenerative can help you avoid surgery. A consultation with our team can help you decide which would be the best for your condition. Learn more about our team, and watch our patients talk about their experiences at Houston Scoliosis and Spine Institute.


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