Choosing a doctor is not easy! Patients, and their family and friends should have a lot of questions when looking for a suitable doctor, such as: Is the doctor well trained? Is he/she experienced at treating my medical problem? Is the doctor up to date with new advances? All of these are important questions to consider. However, there is another important issue too: What has been the experience of other patients, just like you, treated by this doctor?  The information on this page can help you answer that question.

The links on the left side of this page are to Cases and Patient Reviews.  The Cases are images and descriptions of actual spine surgery cases, showing how they were treated by Dr. Rahman and what was the outcome. The Patient Review links go to summaries of interviews with actual patients who recount their experience of being treated by Dr. Rahman.

We hope you you’ll find this information useful. Be sure to check back on this page occasionally, as Dr. Rahman will be adding new cases for review and new comments from patients.