Patient History: The 34-year-old male patient came to Dr. Rahman’s office complaining of having had neck pain for 8 months, and was now concerned that the pain had spread to his right arm. He also described experiencing numbness and tingling in the index finger and thumb on his right hand.

Patient Examination and Diagnosis: Dr. Rahman examined the patient, and requested several x-rays and MRI scans. The patient was diagnosed with a herniated disc in the neck, at C5-6 (Fig. 1).

Surgery: Dr. Rahman performed a surgery to remove the herniated disc, thus relieving pressure on important nerve structures. He replaced the herniated disc with a cervical artificial disc (Fig. 2).

Outcome: The patient was delighted with the outcome. The pain in his neck and arm is gone, and normal sensation has returned to his right hand. The patient returned to work with an FBI SWAT team one month after surgery.

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